The Agric Division of Reiss & Co. (Gh) Ltd has been a major player in the introduction and supply of agricultural inputs since the mid sixties.

Our main business activities includethe distribution of Agrochemicals, Spraying Machines, Fertilisers, Irrigation Equipment, Food Processing Equipment, and Agric Tools, from renowned manufacturers across the globe. 

Our staffs provide round the clock services to individuals and companies.



Glycel (Glyphosate 41% SL), which is the preferred chemical by farmers.  Agro- 2, 4-D 720 SL (2, 4-D Amin) and Vitaquat (Paraquat Dichloride).


Agro-Thoate 40EC (Dimethoate), Karto 250 EC (LambaCyhalothrin), Dimiprid (Immidacloprid), and Tricel (Chlorpyriphos).


Agro-Comet 72WP (Metalaxyl + Copper (1) Oxide) is duly approved by the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana (CRIG) for control of blackpod disease on cocoa farms.


Celphos (aluminium phosphide), first-class fumigant for the fumigation of stored grains and commodities.Celphos is equally toxic to various burrow pests.

Spraying Machines

MOB knapsack sprayer. This is approved by the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana (CRIG)for use by cocoa farmers for the control of disease-causing fungi on cocoa farms.

Urgent Motorised Sprayer has also been approved by CRIG for use in the control of insects on cocoa farms.
It’s worthy to note that all our machines are backed with after sales services.  We also stock spare parts for immediate replacement of worn out parts.

Irrigation Equipment

We supply both sprinkler and drip irrigation systems.
We are also introducing Small Holder Irrigation Kit, which is cheap and cost effective.

Food Processing Equipment

We supply on demand equipment such as Mechanical and Solar Dryers, Maize Shellers and Seed Dryers

Farm Implements

Hoes (2.5lbs and 3.0lbs – MOB Brand) and machetes (18” & 19” - MOB Brand) made from original British steel. 

Research and Development

We continue to introduce new products, whilst improving on existing ones to keep, thus keeping abreast with current trends in this field.

Quality Assurance   

Our products are always tested and well recognized by the respective agencies such as the EPA, CRIG and the Ghana Standards Board.

Major Clients

Some of our major clients include companies in the oil palm plantation industry, the Ghana Cocobod, European Union and minor agrochemical wholesalers.


Contact Us

Agric Division:

Address: C172/3, Paradise Road
Akanetso, Asylum Down
P. O. Box CT 5064
Cantonments, Accra – Ghana
Tel no.: +233-0302-256516
Fax: +233-0302-256373
Email: agric@reissco.com.gh

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