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Reiss & Co., established in 1863 in The Netherlands, started operations in the then Gold Coast in 1952 and later became Reiss & Co (Ghana) Ltd.

Today, Reiss & Co (Ghana) Ltd is a multi-divisional technical trading house, representing first class overseas manufacturers through its five distinct divisions, i.e. agriculture, veterinary, pharmaceuticals, computers and security equipment and mechanical equipment.

Where applicable the Company designs, imports, installs and maintains its products.The Company is well experienced in projects and working with corporate customers.

Some of the important agencies held are:

Agricultural Division:

  • Excel Cropcare and Asiatic Agricultural Ind Pte Ltd (agrochemicals)
  • Merchantmen of Britain (MOB) (agricultural tools),
  • Tecnoma, Urgent and Merchantmen of Britain (MOB) (agricultural equipment and spraying machines)
  • Lummus (cotton ginnery equipment),

Veterinary Division:

  • Fort Dodge (veterinary vaccines),
  • Dopharma (veterinary drugs),
  • Frank Wright (veterinary feed ingredients),
  • IQF (veterinary drugs)

Pharmaceutical Division:

  • Merck, Sharp and Dohme, Eli Lilly and Sanofi-Aventis
    (all branded pharmaceuticals including anti diabetics, anti malaria products, anti AIDS products, etc),

Information Technology Division (Reiss Information Systems):

  • DELL, IBM, Fujitsu, OKI, and Printronics (computers and printers),
  • CISCO (networking products),

Mechanical Division:

  • Weir and Ebara (pumps),
  • Deutz (diesel engines),
  • Boart Longyear (core drilling equipment),
  • John Crane (mechanical seals), and;
  • Howden (ventilation equipment),

The Company employs 43 staff, 80% of which are graduates, with an average length of service of 9 years and has offices and warehouses in Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, Obuasi and Tamale.

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